• HR and payroll services:
    Full range of payroll services,
    Full range of human resources services,
    We solve problems in the field of Labor Law

  • For our clients:
    We help in establishing and registering new companies
    We settle EU subsidies and funds
    We help in obtaining credits

  • Comprehensive accounting services:
    We keep trade books,
    We calculate all charges for ZUS, Tax Office, PFRON, etc.,
    We provide reporting, care and consultations with an accountant,

Kancelaria Księgowa CTG Finance was separated from Kancelaria Podatkowa ENTER, which has been operating on the accounting market since 1992. From the beginning of its activity, it has put great emphasis on the provision of professional and friendly services to accounting and bookkeeping services. Our goal is to help our clients achieve success. Knowledge in the field of accounting, human resources and taxes allows our clients to focus their efforts only on the business. We operate in Warsaw, however, we encourage you to get to know the offer prepared by us also people from outside this city who are interested in professional accounting services.

Our clients are sole proprietorships, civil partnerships, limited partnerships, general partnerships, partnerships, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, S.A. – New Connect stock exchange, housing communities, foundations, foreign agencies. We mainly serve companies from Warsaw, although we also have clients from other regions of Poland. Almost 200 clients have already trusted us. Their positive opinions are our best showcase, as well as the engine for further development in the field of accounting services. Warsaw is a city of great needs, to which we answer one hundred percent, dealing with professional accounting services.

We form a competent team, prepared to meet high requirements. We provide accounting and bookkeeping services in English. We follow changing legal and tax regulations on an ongoing basis, broaden our knowledge and participate in training.

The law firm cooperates with a group of legal advisers, attorneys-at-law and statutory auditors. He has a license from the Ministry of Finance to provide accounting services and is fully responsible for his work. It is insured against third party liability for its accounting and consulting activities. If you are interested in comprehensive accounting services, Warsaw invites you to use our services. 

CTG Finance sp. z o.o.
ul. J.P. Woronicza 33 lok. 107
02-640 Warszawa
Tel: 22 408 89 38 


We work with a group of legal advisers, attorneys and statutory auditors. We have a license

We provide comprehensive services for all types of companies. We provide full and simplified accounting

If you are wondering what elements affect the amount of fees, below is more information

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