Accounting office

  • HR and payroll services:
    Full range of payroll services,
    Full range of human resources services,
    We solve problems in the field of Labor Law

  • For our clients:
    We help in establishing and registering new companies
    We settle EU subsidies and funds
    We help in obtaining credits

  • Comprehensive accounting services:
    We keep trade books,
    We calculate all charges for ZUS, Tax Office, PFRON, etc.,
    We provide reporting, care and consultations with an accountant,

tel.: 22 408 89 38
tel.: 533 477 577

CTG Finance sp. z o.o.
ul. J.P. Woronicza 33 lok. 107
02-640 Warszawa
Tel: 22 408 89 38 


We work with a group of legal advisers, attorneys and statutory auditors. We have a license

We provide comprehensive services for all types of companies. We provide full and simplified accounting

If you are wondering what elements affect the amount of fees, below is more information

In order to keep the company’s accounting books correctly and without errors, as well as HR and payroll matters, you need to have extremely extensive knowledge of the applicable law and current regulations. People without appropriate qualifications, unfamiliar with accounting, can easily get lost in the maze of legal regulations and constantly changing regulations. Therefore, if you want to avoid errors in your company’s tax books, it is worth outsourcing them to professionals who will deal with it professionally.

Our accounting office offers comprehensive services in the field of bookkeeping as well as HR and payroll services for all types of companies. Warsaw, and more specifically the Mokotów district, is the place where our company is located. Our goal is to provide services at the highest level as well as professional and professional support for entrepreneurs in the efficient running of their companies.

Our accounting office in Mokotów employs the best specialists in the industry and, if necessary, uses the help of experienced lawyers, attorneys and statutory auditors. There are many accounting offices in Warsaw, but our accounting office clearly stands out among them for the high standard of services provided. Customers visiting our accounting office can count on professional assistance both in setting up a business, as well as comprehensive accounting services for the company.

Our employees regularly deepen their knowledge and follow the changing regulations in law and taxes, which is why the services we provide are professional and ensure tax security for companies cooperating with our accounting office. Warsaw can be proud that it has a modern accounting office offering services at the highest level. 

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